PPP 68: Way of the Superior Relationship

What does it mean to be in a relationship these days? Is it about finding the one? Having the fairy tale relationship where everything is fairy dust and unicorns? Having someone who will be there for your every need?

No – but in relationships today we expect our partner to provide us emotional, sexual, mental, spiritual, financial support, we expect them to be our best friend our intellectual equal. We expect them to provide stability and security whilst also being mysterious and rebellious. We forget that they are humans too just like us and that no human can be everything for you.

So what do we do then? This week Rosalie and I sit down to discuss what it means to have a real conscious relationship. A relationship evolved beyond attachment and addiction to one of deep love and polarity fueled by respect and maintained by a sense of self.

This is the next evolution of relationships.

Show Notes:

Esther Perel
David Deida – Way of the Superior Man

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