PPP 67: Devin Fredericksen on why we should re-think not eating meat

The Plant Power podcast is about inspiring you and giving you the tools to create change and fulfillment in your life. But I also aim to create content that makes you think, that challenges your beliefs.

This week I bring on Devin Frederickson – growing up in Hawaii and spending time in New Zealand Devin is an example of someone who is strongly connected with the land in many ways. Maybe even in ways that seem a bit weird or out-there to some of us. To me though he is in touch with what a lot of us are missing today – a real understanding of the relationship we have with our planet.

This has lead him towards becoming a student of permaculture, starting his own farm in Hawaii. Devin was also vegan for about 6 yeas before he started to consider what it really meant to live sustainably. For him it meant moving back towards consuming animal products. As you can imagine this is very triggering for someone eating a vegan diet but the discourse that arises between us is extremely thought provoking an insightful and makes for a great conversation.

We also touch on sacred relationships, permaculture and self love. I really enjoyed this conversation and would love to hear what you thought about it! I want you to consider the importance of being open minded and to the possibility that you might be wrong. Enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Devin Fredericksen:

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