PPP 65: Dr Klaper: What I wish I’d learned about nutrition in medical school

Dr. Klaper! One of the leading physicians in Plant Based medicine and nutrition. Seen in documentaries such as Cowspiracy, What the Health and Eating You Alive, Klaper has been in medicine for 45 years and plays a key role in the True North Medical center in California. On top of this he has a smashing witty humor which makes this an epic listen.

This episode of the podcast is a recording of Klapers key-note talk given on his New Zealand/Australia tour at the end of 2017. This talk covers EVERYTHING you need to know about plant-based nutrition. So get your pad and pen out and enjoy!

Show Notes:

Dr. Klaper
Website: https://doctorklaper.com

Raw Events Australia

Music: SoundCloud @officialmedasin

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