PPP 59: How to create a movement with Jackson Long of Thought For Food

This week I bring you the one, the only, the brother from another mother – Jackson Long from the Thought for Food empire for his second appearance on the podcast. We spent the last few days in LA together and I can tell you our spiritual connection and desire for each other deepened. In all seriousness though it is so special connecting with people on a similar mission – I truly believe that us mindful millennials will change the world and all it starts with having an idea. And that’s where Jackson and I all started – now we have growing platforms and reach people all over the world with our shared but unique messages. In this conversation, we talk about what it’s like to go out on your own and create a movement and what it’s like to challenge the status quo. We also delve into the darker side of dealing with the challenges of anxieties and fears. All in all this was a super real conversation and if you’re listening you’re on the right path. Kia Ora!

Show notes:
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