PPP 54: How healing the gut can heal the mind with Nick Corliss

This week in Aotearoa is Mental Health Awareness week – where we take the time to highlight and talk about a topic which should be a mainstay in our culture. But it’s not, in fact we avoid it.

The fact is that simply because you are a human and you exist you are going to experience thoughts, emotions and feelings both good and bad. We aren’t taught how to deal with this seemingly random, irrational flow of thoughts or taught that it’s normal, so when it gets dark we think we are broken.

How do we shift the reality of people experiencing this?! Well we talk about it of course, we share our stories, we make it the norm to express how you are feeling and know you are ok.

That is why this week I am so grateful and blessed to bring my friend Nick Corliss on to open up for the first time publicly and share his mental health story.

Nick was experiencing pretty extreme levels of anxiety and depression – to the point where he wanted to leave, for good. But through a combination of changing his diet – which healed his leaky gut and meditation he was able to completely shift his mental health.

Today I share that story with you with the hope that it helps you or someone you know struggling with their mental health.

Please if you are struggling reach out – you are a beautiful human being simply because you exist. You are loved and cared for and there is a way out. There is someone out there who has experienced what you are experiencing. If you don’t have anyone you can talk to you are welcome to reach out to me or nick

Much love family

Help Lines:
Youth Line: www.youthline.co.nz
Life Line: www.lifeline.org.nz/suicide-crisis-helpline
The Low Down: thelowdown.co.nz
Show Notes:

Nick Corliss


– Dr Axe: www.draxe.com
– Bret Elliot – Herbal Detox: https://www.brettelliott.com

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