Why I run

Two things I want to start with. “Write drunk and edit sober” – Ernest Hemingway. And “thoughts are feelings” – Jon Gordon.

Whilst out on what I would consider a rather average run for me today I heard these two quotes. Both from a guy who writes books, like many others about how to find your purpose, how to live your truth, how to be your best self etc.

Now I am naturally a very skeptical person, especially of people who claim to have clocked life. People who write these books haven’t figured it all out, this is merely their way of learning about themselves and expressing it through helping others. Which they do.

But what struck me about this writer were two things. One was his opinion on the quote “Write drunk and edit sober” and the other was what his life progressions and experiences taught me. They taught me that you need to trust your intuition, your gut or your heart to guide you through life.

There is no special trick or method – and whatever spiritual text you read, self-help book, anecdote or speaker you listen to or read they are all saying exactly the same thing.

That for a fulfilled and successful life in, love, relationships, business, health (mental and physical) you need to get out of your head and live from your heart or your intuition, because this is the connection to the source of inspiration, creativity, flow and insight that all achievements originate and flow from. Whether you call it the universe, the one, god, whatever you want to call it its all the same.

This is what I’m interested in, and its where the quote “thoughts are feelings” comes in – by thinking things, usually negative, you create feelings which then become realities.

The information is there to what a successful life I,s and what hampers success, but what’s not as clear is how. That’s where the second quote comes in “Write drunk and edit sober”. Now keeping in mind that Ernest was one of the greatest writers and the person whose opinion I’m writing about is a writer, it’s what I learned from his answer that I want to talk about.

This writer, no matter what, will go out for a walk everyday. For him it gets his creative juices flowing and it’s when he comes up with his best ideas. So for him his alcohol or drug of choice is walking, and when he walks he gets drunk and when he gets back, in a drunken stupor he is able to enter a creative state to channel and create his books, and then once he has “sobered up” and stopped writing he is able to enter his more intellectual, thinking state to go over his books and edit them.

So why did this resonate with me? Basically it made me realise and fully appreciate this – that when I am running I’m drunk. My mind becomes clear, and ideas spring clearly and consistently into my head with such richness, fullness and synchronicity.

When I then get back from my run I am so high that I’m granted the greatness and productivity that comes with motivation, belief in myself and knowing that I am able to do things and produce work I never thought I was capable of.

So what am I trying to say? I’m saying that running is my drug or alcohol, I start slow, then I get a bit tipsy, then I get drunk and if I go for a very long time I get absolutely hammered.

And what does being drunk do to you? It gets you out of your head. When you drink at a party you don’t do it because it tastes good you do it because you become way more confident, you become in control of your head and you feel invincible. So for a writer you get out of your head and stop worrying about being perfect, you stop worrying if the book will sell, you simply write, and you don’t write from your head but you write from your heart.

So maybe a healthier and less risky way to access this state is through exercise. Now I am sure there are some similar hormonal and chemical reactions that take place when you drink or exercise but the point is that whatever it does it allows you to access what all these gurus, teachers, self-help books and religions are all talking about. It is the how. I’ve realised this now.

I always ask myself why I run? I knew it made me feel good and maybe I’m addicted. But I realise now I run because it gets me drunk, it gets me out of my head, away from all the thoughts and into my heart. My heart that is wise, knowing and connected to whatever you want to call it.

Here I don’t even need to think about anything, I don’t worry, I am simply in tune with myself and know what to do. On my runs I am enlightened by all these revelations, thoughts and ideas. And when I am done I am able to go off the back of this high to make shit happen and work on what I trust completely, is my purpose and my reason for being here i.e. this website and my podcast. And in general being out of my head strips away anxiety, swaps negative thoughts with positive ones and in so many ways makes me feel worthy, makes me understand myself and think I’m actually a pretty cool guy.

I felt that today, I felt the place in me, that I trust and believe in. I listen to it and I now know that my portal or gateway through to it is through running. And then when I am off this high I am able to refine, adjust and create my work so others can absorb and understand to maybe help them a little further down their path.



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