PPP 44: Why being a conscious consumer won’t save the world

This week we sit down to discuss if being vegan, recycling, riding your bike to work, using reusable bags, changing your light bulbs, refusing plastic will save the world. Conscious consumerism is the act of putting your money where your mouth is and consuming in a way which has the least impact. We do this because we care about our planet and by making these choices we are voting with our dollar. Put simply, if we change the way we consume corporations and governments will have to follow suit and through this we can save the world.

Recently though I came across an article which claimed that all these actions really do is make us feel good about ourselves. That consumerism is such a large uncontrollable beast that these actions have no impact on it.

Real change is going to come from real action like lobbying governments, protesting and supporting organisations making change. We sit down to discuss if this is really the case and if we can be doing more to stop the challenges we face with the planet.

Show notes:

Article referenced: http://bit.ly/2lbYH4z

Article on plastic: http://bit.ly/2uuSqCf

Karangahake Mining FB group: http://bit.ly/2tFJ0XH

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