SOW 19: Is butter really back? Why you need to be a critical thinker!

In the day and age of the internet, mass media, social media and fake news, content creators and news outlets are pitted in a constant battle to gain your attention. To achieve this, they rely on pumping out the most attention grabbing and controversial content they can. But this comes at a cost to the uninformed public. In their hastiness to sell news and make profits we are led to believe things that are simply false, or more usually misconstrued. But there is a way to sift through this deluge of misinformation and that is by developing the capacity for critical thinking. In this SOW I talk about why thinking rationally and diving deeper into the content you consume is so important and why you should develop your own opinion from the facts. I cover, in an example, how you can do this and start developing your critical thinking skills.

Show notes:

Main Article NY times:

Mentioned study:

Research critiques:

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