PPP 52: How New Zealand is Revolutionising the Plant Based Movement with Dr Luke Wilson

New Zealand is becoming the plant based capital of the world. We have a small population, we have a deep innate connection to the land and we have doctors like Dr Luke Wilson who are revolutionizing the way we see health, nutrition and disease. It is through these combination of attributes that make New Zealand the perfect country to be leaders in the plant based movement.

Today I bring you a conversation which shows how we are going to do this through the heath system. Traditionally medicine and even plant based medicine is about the numbers – cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin etc. Whilst this is extremely informative and provides a good baseline, for the general population it’s boring and hard to relate to. What Luke and others are suggesting is that we really ask people how they are feeling, what they are struggling with. Coming at it from a subjective personal angle rather than objective science. What this looks like is connecting with people on a personal level. Providing them coaching, resources, cooking lessons etc as a way to create self-created action within the people who need it, rather than them being told what to do. This extends beyond sick people to the wider population – Luke says we have the evidence that a plant based diet is best, but how can we make it mainstream. In this conversation we discuss this, Luke’s story and a lot more. I hope you enjoy it and check out Luke’s details below if you are interested.

Show notes:
Luke Wilson



• Prevent and reverse heart disease – Caldwell Esselstyn
• The China Study – T. Colin Campbell
• CHIP Program: https://www.chiphealth.com
• The BROAD study: http://go.nature.com/2xqaa5C

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