PPP 51: From Slaughterhouse Worker To Vegan Bodybuilder With Brayden Green

This week we go long form, we get real with Brayden Green, who fresh out of school, at the age of 17, found himself working at a slaughterhouse. It wasn’t long into the experience that he came face to face with where meat really comes from. This experience set of a cascade of events which saw Brayden going from typical kiwi bloke to full blown vegan.

This conversation is about owning your values and truly standing in what it means to be a masculine male – a compassionate warrior.
We delve into Brayden’s story, then we get into the juicy details about what it means to build muscle, strength, fitness and integrity on plants.

Show notes:

Brayden Green
Sponsored by PranaON

Things mentioned:
• Luke Tan
• David Yourofsky – The Greatest Speech you will ever hear

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