PPP 50: Shukul Kachwalla Is Shifting The Health Paradigm

I believe plants lay the perfect solid foundations for becoming the best most badass version of yourself. Hands down no excuses it’s just a fact. So that’s why I don’t spend a too much time only focused on that. But sometimes it is worthwhile stepping back to assess these foundations.

That’s why today I bring you Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner Shukul Kachwalla. Growing up in India Shukul’s his family came to New Zealand for a better life, but after getting the job, the money, he thought, there has to be more.

It wasn’t until 2012 when his brother Shamiz was struck down with Ulcerative colitis in Japan that things started to change. Discovering a plant based diet Shamiz completely healed his body and saved his life, setting off a massive lifestyle change in Shukul.

Blown away by the power of plants both brothers decided they had to spread this information and that’s what they started doing.

What blew me away about this conversation and what truly changed my perspective was Shukul’s view on the body – simply put we can’t begin to understand how complex our bodies are. But what we can understand is that our body is never doing anything wrong, things like bloating, inflammation, rashes, infections are out bodies way of dealing with what we put in and on them. In western medicine we treat these symptoms, and not the cause. But it we take a moment to get in touch with our bodies and put in the right stuff our bodies will heal themselves.

In this conversation we go into a ton of stuff about health, how are bodies work, what foods to eat and the deeper philosophy of human health.

Enjoy the podcast and please check out High Carb Health in the show notes below!

Show notes:

High Carb Health
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