PPP 47: David DC Cordtz is challenging the vegan stereotype with plant-based muscle

I once heard that if you are trying to find your purpose, your mission in life, then you should look back at what you loved doing as a child and that will give you guidance. Davids story is a perfect example of this. Growing up in a rough neighbourhood – surrounded by a culture of drugs, alcohol gangs and abuse it would of been easy to fall in-line. But at a young age and spurred on by his brothers success in Rugby David was motivated to break from the stereotype and make something of himself. Thats where at a young age he found a love for moving his body through martial arts. It wasn’t until a alter age that he rediscovered this love and he started the epic transformation of becoming the calisthenics warrior he he today and on top of that he’s plant-based, need I say more. In this conversation David shares his journey, what calisthenics is and how he fuels his plant powered body.

Show Notes:

David ‘DC’ Cordtz
Keen Calisthenics

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