PPP 45: The reality behind New Zealand’s “Clean Green” image and why caring counts with Geoff Reid

This week I have the pleasure of bringing you one of the most knowledgeable, passionate, experienced, caring, crazy and inspirational environmental activists I have ever met. Growing up in New Zealand’s back yard camping, exploring and experiencing Papatūānuku (Mother Earth) Geoff developed a deep connection and understanding of our environment and the relationship we have with it. As he learnt he begun to understand that real, untouched and pristine nature is hard to come by and that we need to act if we want to save what’s left. So begun a commitment of making it his life’s mission to help save New Zealand’s environments. I am so grateful to have Geoff on because I know we all care about our environment and we don’t want it to be pillaged, but we feel so disempowered to help and we have busy lives. Not only will this conversation inspire you to help but it will help you believe that even the tiniest amount of energy you can give helps, A LOT. This is a conversation about our hurting planet and the extremes that people will go to, to protect her. It’s also about doing something simply because you love it.

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Geoff Reid:

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