PPP 43: The real facts about climate change and why there’s hope with David Tong

Today I sit down with David Tong, former lawyer current climate activist to talk climate change. Growing up with parents who were anti-nuclear activists here in New Zealand, so David was primed for a life of fighting for what he believed in. After experiencing the ride of corporate and criminal law he soon found himself consumed in the world of the global climate change negotiations. David knows what he is talking about when it comes to climate change. Having him on is a perfect opportunity to dispel confusions and myths around it and to go back to basics and describe what climate change is, what are it’s effects, what we are doing to mitigate it, why nations have been negotiating it for 20+ years and how real change needs to take place. This conversation will give you the tools to properly understand climate change but more importantly it will give you reason to have hope. Hope that we will halt climate, and if not we will die trying.

Show Notes:

David Tong:

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