PPP 41: Aaron Brunet MasterChef winner:overcoming depression w/ purpose, joy & living with integrity

After meeting about a month ago Aaron has become a great friend! On the surface he is the 2013 Master Chef winner gone ‘vegan eco warrior’. But his story is so, so much more than that. Starting life as the outcast guitar playing kid, his love of computers led him down the IT consultant path. And life seemed pretty sweet. Setting his own hours, good money, living in beautiful Raglan he was set. But under everything he was depressed. It wasn’t until he discovered the art and practice of sour dough bread baking that he reignited his passion and purpose to create tasty food. Following this path, he found himself on one of New Zealand’s most popular reality shows – MasterChef. Diving into the luxury, high pressure, microcosm environment of TV, cooking, and fame – Aaron was able to channel his passion and drive to take out the show. Not long after, and dealing with one life under the spotlight of success, paradoxically against a life of depression and unworthiness bubbling under the surface, as he put it, his egg cracked. This conversation is about depression and how true joy never comes from the outside but within. It’s about the ability we have as humans to really focus and develop the flow state. It’s about facing your truths and how living with integrity means peeling back the layers and living up to your values and beliefs. It’s Aarons humbling journey to what we are all searching for, knowingly, or unknowingly – purpose. A journey with no destination.

Enjoy this conversation and if you live in New Zealand, look forward to some awesome events, like plant based dinners and meals that Aaron and I will be holding.

Peace, Namaste and Kia Ora

Show Notes:

Aaron Brunet
TED Talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GiCGlwm9mA

Books mentioned:

• Finding Ultra – Rich Roll
• Way of the superior man – David Deida
• The night’s circus – Erin Morgenstern
• Stealing fire – Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler

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