PPP 39: Matt Frazier: Founder of No Meat Athlete on his journey and creating a movement

I remember about 4 years ago stumbling across the No Meat Athlete (NMA) website when I first started getting into vegetarianism and running. For me it was an invaluable resource of un-judgmental and undogmatic information. Fast forward to now and No Meat Athlete is a global movement a global community of like-minded individuals. From the blog to the podcast to the running groups and the new cook book there is a plethora of information out there for new and curious or veteran vegetarian or vegan.

What defines Matt and his movement apart is the authenticity and genuine drive that facilitates what NMA is today. In our conversation we discuss how Matt believes in taking the long hard route to achieving his goals and how this has led to his success.

This conversation is about his journey into a plant-based lifestyle, how he built NMA. It’s about following your dreams and learning the hard way. We also talk about his views on spirituality and where he gets his inspiration from.

Also make sure to check our his new cookbook: https://go.nomeatathlete.com/cookbook-info

Show notes:

No Meat Athlete: http://www.nomeatathlete.com

People Mentioned:
– Seth Godin

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