PPP 38: Approaching a zero-waste lifestyle

If you listen to this podcast then you are probably mindful about the impact you are having on the planet and you do your best to reduce it. Somehow though a lot of us still find it really heart to reduce the amount of waste we are producing, including us. But if, like us, you care about the environment, animals and your health, you can make a really big difference by being mindful about the waste you are producing. Now I could throw some mind blowing states at you, but we all know that every year a ridiculously large amount of waste ends up in landfills and in our environment. Due to a raft of reasons like a lack of corporate regulations, businesses focusing on their bottom line and corporations not having to pay for the impact they have on the environment, we have created a consumerist society which values convenience and thrives off ignorance. Now we could get into all of that, but what we are more interested in is how we can make personal changes, how we can create a grass roots movement of people who are tired of the status quo and want to take action into their own hands. That’s were zero-waste comes in, it is a growing movement of people who are dedicated to making behavioral changes to reduce the amount of waste being pumped onto our planet.

In this podcast we explore what it means to be zero-waste and we share the easy and practical steps we have taken to reduce our waste and how you can do it do. We are by no means perfect but we are doing our best and felt inspired to share with you how you can easily make a difference. Because at the end of the day we all care, we just need the incentive and education to start.

Show Notes:

Reusable products

Baguu Bags: https://baggu.com
Goodie Bags (Produce bags): http://bit.ly/2seDqcF
To-go ware: http://to-goware.com


10 going zero waste tips: http://bit.ly/2qSam8c
101 tips: http://bit.ly/2p6bIOo

Zero-waste TED talk: http://bit.ly/1RRA0AX

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