PPP 37: Dr Mark Craig: On plant-based diets, the high fat fad and supplementation

Dr Mark Craig is a practicing GP here in Auckland New Zealand and it is so incredible to have a New Zealand doctor who is plant based on the podcast. I have the deepest respect for humans like T. Colin Campbell, Garth Davis and Michael Gregor and what they have done for the movement. But their experiences and research are all coming from America and I really wanted to learn and share what the state of health here is in New Zealand and how WFPB diets are being utilized in our health system if at all. If that interests you then I think you will really love this conversation, you will be amazed how shocking kiwis health is but also so incredibly inspired that people with big hearts like Mark are so driven and passionate about spreading the power of a plant based diet in New Zealand. Where It is definitely a new concept but it is quickly building up momentum.

We talk a lot about that and of course I couldn’t have a Dr on the podcast and not pick his brain about some juicy nutritional questions like: what’s the deal with high fat diets and are they healthy? What should plant based athletes be focusing on? What supplements should we be taking? In this episode we talk about:

• The state of health in New Zealand
• Why people want to take pills rather than eat healthier
• Do high fat diets work?
• New Zealand plant-based doctors scene
• Athletes on plant based diets
• What supplements should we be taking?

Show notes:

Dr Mark Craig – Grey Lynn Family Medical Centre

– www.nutritionfacts.org

– What the Health
– Eating you Alive

Recipe websites:
– www.ohsheglows.com
– www.minimalistbaker.com
– Revive Café

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