PPP 33: Graedon Parker: On can hemp save the world, gut health and connecting with nature

Hemp – it can be used for clothing, food, biofuel, plastic, packaging, fiber, medicine, it’s easy and sustainable to grow. But, it’s illegal to grow, and up until recently illegal to consume in New Zealand. I am so grateful to sit down with Graedon Parker this week to talk about the future of hemp, its myriad of incredible uses, the history behind why it was legalized and what he’s doing with Hemp for Victory to change that. Graedon’s personal story is also full of inspiration. After university he found him self sick and tired of being sick and tired, this lead him to discover the power of healthy eating and gut health and eventually to be a part of starting the tribe known as Organic Mechanic. You will find this conversation full of incredible information about cannabis, gut health and how we can live more mindful and conscious lives not just personally but with our community. Enjoy the conversation, Nameste.

Show Notes:

Graedon Parker: @ednotmed

Organic Mechanic: @theorganicmc

Hemp for Victory: http://hempforvictory.nz/#about-1-1-1

Info about hemp: http://bit.ly/1J1poNr

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