PPP 31 Woman Talk: A deep dive into periods, natural birth control and shaving

First off males, listen to this you’ll learn a lot! Secondly the aim of this podcast is to expand your knowledge and beliefs. We should be constantly growing and questioning our values. This is done by challenging norms and thinking outside the box. This week we do that. I bring on my partner Rosalie to talk about her journey from doing what society expected her to do, to completely reevaluating and then flipping her beliefs and practices. Her basis is to live more inline and more naturally with her body. This has meant she has gone vegan, started using a menstrual cup, uses a natural birth control method, stopped shaving and wearing make-up. In this episode we talk about that and specifically we challenge the stigma around periods and why you should consider a using a cup. We take a deep dive into using the pill for birth control and why Rosalie now uses a natural form of birth control. Rosalie offer her experience and I back it up with science. So please enjoy this episode and allow your mind to be expanded!

Show Notes:

Menstruation Cup

Natural fertility Book:

The moon and your cycle:

How the pill works:

YouTubers Videos Rosalie mentioned:
Bonny Rebecca: http://bit.ly/2pXTZpG
Raw Alignment: http://bit.ly/2q83AJV


The pill:

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