Plant-based Transformational Resources

These are the plant-based transformational resources, which for me initially provided sources of inspiration but all played a part somehow in transforming myself, my ideas, my lifestyle and how I see the world. I see them as small nudges towards my life’s path – the right direction I suppose. They all came along at the right time and they all did or continue to teach me about myself, who I am and how I truly want to experience this life. I say transformational because they are really that, they went beyond motivating me to actually giving me the tools to make big and small changes. The fact is that no resource can tell you things you don’t already know, because everything is already inside you. They can though help to remove the Vail that life throws, thus this knowledge is released.

They are focused on either plant-based living, exercise and mindfulness and in most cases they focus on all three – of which all I believe are part of a plant-based lifestyle.

They’re a few different types of resources so I have split them up in to categories for you.




The Rich Roll Podcast: This became my number one podcast after I read his book ‘Ultra man’. Rich Roll is a plant-based endurance athlete – his podcast offers long-form, genuine and heart-felt conversations with big names in endurance sports, nutrition, medicine, mindfulness, food, entrepreneurs, social work and even sometimes with people you’ve never heard about. Almost every podcast has sparked new interest in me or taught me something new. It’s about more than veganism and exercise – with his guests he really gets past their mask to what makes them tick. For me it has opened my eyes to what is possible and to the fact that famous or successful people are just people too. This podcast has been the catalyst for my athletic, spiritual and nutritional development. Get ready to really feel like you personally know Rich and his guests. I cannot recommend this podcast more and I think anyone will find something special in it no matter what level you are.

Link: The Rich Roll Podcast


No Meat Athlete: Well where do I start with these guys. This is a podcast from the massively successful website No Meat Athlete. It is run by two pretty normal guys who talk about all things vegan – from helpful tips to great interviews. They also talk a lot about running as that is the main focus of the website and also trail and ultra running. I say pretty normal guys because that’s what they are, and they talk about normal stuff and it’s a normal show. But that’s why I go back again and again because there’s no bullshit and they are two genuine, funny, intelligent, passionate guys who care about veganism and running and they feel like a couple of really good mates. Because you know what life isn’t always fireworks and explosions – its usually pretty normal and getting my weekly dose of normal from some great guys is really refreshing. They also have an incredible website which is worth checking out.

Link: No Meat Athlete Radio

No Meat Athlete Website


Divine Throughline: This podcast is quite different from the other two and it is actually Rich Rolls wife, Julie Piatt. It is her musings into the spiritual realm much from the perspective I take. This is without any religion or set of rules but instead with a belief in the interconnectedness of everything and of something higher than out human selves and that we can connect with this through meditation and manifesting love and compassion. She does two podcasts a week – one on a spiritual subject then on the same day she releases a spiritual practice.

Link: The Divine Throughline


The Plantriotic Podcast: Much like the Rich Roll podcast – long-form conversations with a massive variety of guests from the plant based world. The difference is that Jackson is a super passionate, enthusiastic 23 year old so he offers a super fresh and completely different flow, feel and perspective than Rich. He is a complete natural and his passion for the vegan movement runs through everything he does. He also offers regular Q&A podcasts where he asks some really helpful and general questions like how to reply to the question – Why are you vegan? The best part though is that he is really personable and unlike Rich you really feel like he is just a normal guy, which makes it a lot more relatable. Super motivational and inspiring this podcast is actually what gave me the belief that I could start my own podcast and that if I want to do something with my passion for this movement, then just do it!

Link: The Plantriotic Podcast



Eat and Run: Scott Jurek: I’ll say it – hands down this is my biggest and most influential resource and would be the main reason I made the transition to veganism and also what made me believe I could become an ultra runner. It follows the life of Scott growing up in Minnesota and how his relatively tough up bringing strengthened and shaped his mind to be one of the most successful ultra runners in the world. He tells of his slow transition towards and experimenting with a vegan diet and how it is key to his success. He really goes into the process and mind of what it means to be an ultra runner and I think personally why it resonated with me is because I see a bit of myself in him. Really recommend, genuinely my favourite all time book, if you want somewhere to start or some inspiration start with this one.

Link: Eat and Run


Born to Run: Christopher McDougall: This is a ‘must-read’ if you are into running and if you haven’t read it yet then you’re not really a runner then. Following an ancient Mexican tribe the Taramahura – a minimalist tribe who live and breathe running to survive and do it on a mostly plant-based diet. The book delves into the fact that humans have evolved to be endurance runners and it will do an amazing job of convincing you that you can run and with the right training, technique and minimal gear you can run very far – which I truly do believe of anyone. A really easy read and a good story just be careful to not get too swept up into the barefoot/minimalist shoe craze but if you do take it slowly.

Link: Born to Run


Ultra Man: Rich Roll: A really great story on how Rich Roll went from an overweight, over worked lawyer to a plant-based ultra man athlete. It’s a good story because he’s just your normal everyday guy who decided to change. I love this idea because I truly believe anyone is capable of anything if they set their heart on it. This is what this story is about, and about how he became more inline with his values when he adopted a plant-based lifestyle and begun to respect and train his body. A great story but also full of great advice about training, eating and mindfulness. READ IT!

Link: Finding Ultra


What I talk about when I talk about running: Haruki Murakami: I read this book because I though Haruki was just another runner. Turns out after reading a book of his that he is also an amazing writer. That’s why this book is incredible – he manages to encapsulate why we run and what it truly means to us. This book really resonated with me and helped me understand why I run and it made me appreciate it and respect it even more. It is basically his memoir but he explains how personally running has been key to his success and life.

Link: What I  talk about when I talk about running




Cowspiracy: Like I mentioned in my first post I became fully vegan whilst on a bus in Peru. That’s because on an overnight trip in the middle of nowhere to god knows where I watched Cowspiracy and for me it was the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle where is all clicked into place. It finally pushed me over the edge and for that I am extremely grateful. Put simply this documentary highlights the fact that agriculture and all aspects of it is the number contributor to climate change and environmental degradation and that we have been focusing on just changing our light bulbs for too long. It is a massive inspiring eye-opener and I recommend it to anyone, as you will be more conscious and aware to your food consumption. It’s really nice as the documentary follows a guy along his journey towards realising that veganism is most inline with his values of caring about people, the animals and the planet. Such an informative and influential look into our food consumption. I recommend it to everyone who genuinely cares about themselves and the environment – our planet.

Link: Cowspiracy

Forks over Knifes

Forks over knifes: This documentary would have to be the one that I’ve heard countless people say, from every walk of life, has hugely influenced their decision to transition to a plant-based diet. It is the main documentary which looks at the impact of animal based products on health and wellbeing. It follows a typical SAD (standard American diet) eating American, who decides to undergo a transition to a plant-based diet and document it from a medical perspective along the way. He finds that he no longer needs cholesterol and diabetes medication and he loses a bunch of weight. It follows the stories of other people undergoing a transition and looks into why animal products impact our health. Based off studies, personal experience and interviews this is a real eye opener as its extremely personal look into how we can influence out own health.

Link: Forks over Knives



Minimalist baker

Minimalist BakerPlant based recipe website like this have been key to my transition to a plant-based lifestyle, having access to so many amazing recipes makes it so much easier. Minimalist Baker is perfect she prides her self on recipes that are super simple, easy and they always always taste amazing, Perfect if you don’t know what to make for dinner or if you want to make a yummy treat!

Link: Minimalist Baker


oh she glows: This is another great recipe website that you can always guarantee the results will be a delicious. I have found that the recipes are a bit more complicated so I tend to use this more for weekend meals or for events. Seriously though check it out the food is incredible!

Link: oh she glows

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