The 5 Best Vegan Movies

There are a lot of vegan movies out there but these are by far the top 5 most influential, educating and thought provoking ones. Sure to make you not only question what’s on your plate but empower you to change. For more vegan content check out the Plant Power Podcast on iTunes.

  1. Okja (2017)  


If anyone could say anything about this film, it is that it is not what you expect it to be. Okja is an incredibly imaginative, at times bizarre fiction film that takes you on an unexpected ride. Starting as a fairy tale friendship story in the mountains of Korea between a girl and a super pig, the film quickly takes a turn, catapulting you into the world of GMO factory farming and the corporate insanity of capitalism. Seem strange? This unassuming film will have you reflecting on the choices you make and questioning your values around morality.

2. Carnage: Swallowing the Past (2017) 


If you enjoy British humor and prefer reality to be laid at your feet rather than shoved down your throat, then you will love this film. Set in the futuristic Britain of 2067, Carnage is a non-preachy mockumentary that takes you on the journey of how Britain became a country where meat, dairy and eggs are outlawed, instead animals roam free. Perfectly intertwined with humor, images of the animal industry and a stab at a future vegan society, this film will have you laughing and feeling uncomfortable at the same time.

3. What the Health (2017)

what the health

What the Health picks up from where Cowspiracy left of – what are the impacts of eating animal products on our health. It follows the narrative of a curious consumer who asks the simple question of ‘If science has shown over and over again that animal products are bad for our health, why aren’t big organizations like the American Heart Association warning against them?’ The answer? They’re in bed with the same industries that are causing the problems they are fighting. This film does an incredible job of highlighting the risks associated with eating animal products and exposing why people are trying their best to make sure you don’t know about it.

4. Cowspiracy (2014)


In a wonderfully crafted narrative, Cowspiracy follows the story of an environmentalist who starts questioning if taking shorter showers is really going to save the environment.  After a little digging, he discovers that the single biggest cause of environmental degradation is what? Animal agriculture. The film takes you a journey of how animal agriculture is wreaking havoc, from greenhouse gases to dead zones. And guess what? The leading environmental organization aren’t even talking about it. Watch as it becomes clear that if you really consider yourself and environmentalist, you can’t be consuming animal products.

5. Forks Over Knives (2011)


Forks Over Knives is an absolute classic when it comes to looking at how the food on our plate is effecting our health. The film follows the journey of an over-weight, pre-diabetic, heart attack waiting to happen individual who is determined to find a way to get better without having to double fist meds. He comes across doctors who are leading the way in plant-based nutrition and as the story unfolds does a convincing job of showing you that the problem is the animal products on our plate. Backed up with over-whelming scientific evidence and inspiring stories of people who have pulled them self back from a health crisis, it’s worth a watch if you or someone you know is dealing with diet related diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

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